LITCHII - I Want Your Love EP (Tkbz Media/iGroove)
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LITCHII "I Want Your Love EP"

Litchii - unique, magical, and unexpected. "Litchi" dictionary: The fruit inspires with its sweet and slightly aromatic taste. Because of its pleasant scent and delicate taste, litchi symbolizes joy and love. That is why it is also known as the "love fruit". This definition also describes the music of the German music producer Litchii. He thrills his audience with lots of loud and wild beats.

In short: from Dance to Drum & Bass, there really is something for every musical taste. This represents the perfect blend of the symphony of love. Some still know Litchii by its old name l2l beatz. He has already produced some pop songs under this name with the American producer Scott Storch. But now a new era of musical variety and diversity has started. Litchii combines classic beats with new unconventional compositions. Feel his love for music and you will discover a new side of yourself.