OLIVER SULLIVAN - Summer On Me (Kiss The Lake Productions)
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"Summer On Me" brings joie de vivre, warmth and lightness
With the first release "Summer On Me" from the pen of Swiss-born Oliver Sullivan, he has succeeded in writing a song that brings summer feelings. This may possibly be due to the fact that Oliver Sullivan longed for warming rays of sunshine in icy cold temperatures in the middle of winter in such a way that the title sounds like sun, joie de vivre, gelati and amore. Oliver Sullivan describes it this way, "It's a song for your summer road trip 2023. Turn the music on and the world off."
Indeed, "Summer On Me" drills irrevocably into the ear with its catchy sounds of guitars, effective strings and vocals that contain a hint of "dolce far niente." With its positive vibes, "Summer On Me" is also ideally suited to keep radio listeners happy.

Stay tuned
From the 20-year-old Oliver Sullivan, fans may expect loads of music in the coming months. The native of Emmental has set high goals for himself: several singles are going to be released in the current year. Oliver Sullivan has founded his own production company: "My goal is that music will also take first place in my professional life.“

Despite hearing impediments, Oliver Sullivan sticks to his goals
There is no doubt that he will actually achieve his ambitious goals. The doer doesn't think much of theories, he is considered creative and has a lot of assertiveness. That he also has staying power is proven by the fact that Oliver Sullivan has been hard of hearing since shortly after birth: "As a child, I could hear almost no melodies or music except for the drums, and I certainly couldn't understand lyrics." But this limitation could not stop Oliver Sullivan: Through boarding school for kids who are hard of hearing, he discovered his joy in djing. At the age of 12, his parents gave him a mixing console worth about 200 francs to experiment with in his room. "But that wasn't a gift from my parents," Oliver Sullivan recounts with a smile. In return, he had to perform certain duties. This laid the foundation for the motto by which he lives: "Music is my life!