DRENCHILL FEAT. JORIK BUREMA - Starlight (You Love Dance/Planet Punk/Universal/UV)
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STARLIGHT is based on the famous 90s hit Ecuador from Sash! which was a great success worldwide with 5x gold and 1x platinum awards. Drenchill’s new version reworked the famous melody with thrilling lyrics. Jorik Burema deliver the lines strikingly and amazes with smooth dark vocals that are the perfect contrast to the straight-forward 90s synthie!

With his singles, Drenchill has already collected over 220 million streams and has been awarded gold & platinum several times. In 2022, Drenchill was the world's most streamed Spotify artist from Portugal. With his biggest hit singles Freed From Desire and Never Never he thrilled fans and delivered real summer hits! Now he delivers the next hot contender with Starlight....