ROBIN SCHULZ & DENNIS LLOYD - Young Right Now (Warner)
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How does it feel to be young right now? In their first collaboration, ROBIN SCHULZ & DENNIS LLOYD raise a question burning for answers. Penning the song ten years ago at age 18, DENNIS LLOYD has been waiting for the right moment to share it since. It arrived when ROBIN SCHULZ got to hear the original production, loved it and immediately felt that he wanted to rework it. The result is a powerful song that masterfully fuses DENNIS LLOYD's indie-pop musings with ROBIN SCHULZ uplifting dance production, carried by a message that couldn’t be more timely.

We live in turbulent times. Our planet is suffering and it’s especially the young generation that’s going to have to reap what the previous generations sowed. The sheer size of the challenges faced can be disheartening. “Take my wishes away I no longer need them… / Bury my hopes and dreams I no longer need them”, DENNIS LLOYD sings. But surrendering is not an option, he comes to realize. Boosted by uplifting beats, jubilant strings and sweeping melodies courtesy of ROBIN SCHULZ, he finds back to his old strength, more determined than ever: “Maybe one day we’ll fly / And take back our freedom… / We shouldn't be scared to fight If we don’t believe them / No longer believe them”.

“I‘m a huge fan of DENNIS' music and we have been talking to do a track together for a long time! I am super happy we found the time this year and the result is one of my favs tracks in a long time“, says ROBIN SCHULZ of the collaboration. DENNIS adds: “Having written ‘Young Right Now’ when I was eighteen, ten years later to have ROBIN SCHULZ hear it and bring a fresh, exciting perspective to the production has me super excited for the song to be heard. The lyrics couldn’t be more relevant to today’s world.”

ROBIN SCHULZ and DENNIS LLOYD – just how well that combination works was previously proven with ROBIN's remix for DENNIS' single “Never Go Back”. Released in 2019, it sits at 65m streams on Spotify, accounting for some of the pair’s massive overall streaming figures. German DJ/producer ROBIN SCHULZ is the most successful German artist in foreign countries ever, looking at more than 400 Gold, Platinum & Diamond Awards in 30 countries. Israeli producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist DENNIS LLOYD also scored numerous international Gold and Platinum certifications since breaking through with his song “Nevermind” in 2016.

The official music video for “Young Right Now” is currently being shot in Lisbon and will be released shortly.