BASSHUNTER - Boten Anna (Warner)
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Eingestiegen Platz 92 am 13.11.2006
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Wochen platziert 35
BASSHUNTER - Boten Anna (Das Original)

BASSHUNTER is a new Digital Star driven out of the new media space. It is an artist, driven from new media,
singing about new media and driving lot of new media sales.

No1 single
No1 digital sales
No1 ringtone
No1 request national radio
No1 request NRJ radio
Most sold digital property through warner sweden approximately 10 times Platinum sales in total across platforms

Broke through first in norway as students named it 'russe song of the year'
- I.e. The most popular track for celebrating graduation which also co-incides with the celebration of national holiday 17th of may.
No 1 digital sales
No 1 ringtone
No 1 radio requests

No1 single
No1 digital 14 weeks and running
No1 ringtone
No1 radio request
Album debut at no3

No1 digital sales
No1 request nrj radio

No1 digital
No1 ringtone
No1 top of the pops single chart
First ever swedish language hit in holland - an unauthorized dutch language cover version is currently no2 on the same charts!

The two most popular entries 'boten anna' is alreay the 35th most watched video ever!
His video, or versions of it, is the 30th most viewed on YouTube worldwide.
Kommentar Record Company Sweden:
"He has been dominating the digital charts in the entire Scandinavia during the summer and is now been launched in Germany and the Netherlands. We have sold over 100,000 Master tones of his single "Boten Anna" in 4 month, which is a really great number coming from this territory. The Boten Anna has been the key asset, but we have also seen a huge uptake of his voice tones, special remixes, wall papers, etc."